Pre-Workout Protein Power: Try Jerky!

The Jerky Mama Speaks!

Do you start your day with carbohydrates or protein?

Here’s an experiment to try out for a week:

First thing in the morning, before you start working out, eat a single strip of our Original Gourmet Beef Jerky or our Blazin’ Buffalo Wing Chicken Jerky or our Orange Teriyaki Beef Jerky. I recommend these because they have the lowest sugar content. When you start your morning out, the first thing you eat establishes how your blood sugar and energy level will be all day long. You want your blood sugar level to rise at a slow steady pace, which is what happens when you eat a protein first thing in the morning. If you start your day with carbohydrates, your blood sugar will spike and give you an energy rush, but a couple hours later, your blood sugars will crash and you will suddenly be exhausted. Carbs in the morning establishes a spike and drop pattern in your body where as starting off with a protein brings up your blood sugars at a slow steady level pace and stays that way throughout the day.

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