Low-Fat, Low-Calorie, High-Protein Jerky is Ideal for a Paleo Diet

If you’re concerned about your health, don’t overlook the benefits of high-protein, low fat jerky. Jerky is a dried meat snack that can be made out of any type of lean meat, including beef, chicken, turkey, and even fish.

The fact is, our hunter-gather ancestors survived on dried meats, and low fat jerky is ideal for a paleo diet. Gluten-free jerky is also very paleo since our hunter-gatherer forbearers did not eat wheat as a dietary staple.

The drying process used to make jerky kills any bacteria, while also preserving the nutrients. Jerky that has been smoked in the traditional way is also bursting with rich, mouthwatering flavor.

You can easily make jerky yourself, with either a food dehydrator or a smoker. You could also go full-paleo, and smoke meat over a campfire in the backyard. There are online recipes and tutorials to get you started making homemade, low-fat, healthy jerky.

It’s important to use only lean, low-fat cuts of meat; meat with veins of fat will simply not dry properly. Moreover, fatty meat will quickly turn rancid.

The best cuts for making beef jerky include round steak, skirt steak, and flank steak. These cuts are not only lean, but they’re also economical. If you are attempting to make chicken or turkey jerky, use breast meat. It’s not only lean, it’s also a large piece that’s easier to slice thin.

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