Our Story

Topanga’s Finest had its humble beginnings rooted in my deep affection for beef jerky. My first encounter with this savory delight was from a simple jar at the corner liquor store. After that first taste, I couldn't get enough of it. I'd buy one jar at a time, relishing the robust beefy flavor and washing it down with a bottle of Delaware Punch - does that bring back memories?

The catch was, this was the ONLY brand that truly captured my palate. Whenever I ventured to try other jerky brands, they often turned out to be overly sweet or disappointingly lackluster. Then, the unthinkable occurred - one day, it vanished from the shelves, leaving me without my beloved beef jerky. I had to part ways with it.

Many years later, while watching television, fate stepped in. Ron Popel appeared, marketing his Ronco food dehydrator, and I was immediately sold on the idea. "This is it!" I thought, "Now, I can learn to craft my own jerky." So, I invested in a dehydrator. Little did I know that my love for beef jerky would eventually blossom into a full-blown passion and business.

My initial attempts at crafting recipes were a bit rocky. First, my jerky was overly salty; then, it swung to the overly sweet side. Most recipes called for honey, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I started experimenting with alternative sweeteners. Gradually, the flavors began to harmonize, and I finally perfected a recipe that was just right - not overly salty, not overly sweet, with a subtle spice blend to give it a pleasant kick.

I also stumbled upon the fact that different cuts of beef absorbed the marinade differently, adding another layer of complexity to my jerky-making journey. My sons became fans of the jerky, and they couldn't help but share it with their friends. Before long, I found myself roasting beef every week or two. As a bit of a junk food enthusiast myself, I felt content knowing I was providing my boys with a wholesome, homemade protein treat instead of cookies or chips.