Why Gluten Free Jerky?

Many people have Celiac Disease. Others have allergic reactions or intestinal problems when they consume products with gluten. At Topanga’s Finest, we are committed to giving our customers a healthy protein snack free of gluten that tastes good and won’t cause any stomach problems.

Since when do cows have gluten?

Oh, you've got a keen eye for details! You're absolutely right that some jerky contains gluten from ingredients like soy sauce. But guess what? At Topanga's Finest, we've got you covered! We use tamari instead of regular soy sauce in our recipe, and tamari is completely gluten-free. So, you can enjoy our jerky without any gluten worries – it's the best of both worlds: delicious and gluten-free!


How did you develop your recipes?

Topanga’s Finest Gluten-Free Beef Jerky is a family recipe that has been developed over 20 years of taste testing by family and friends.